we will be introducing the bob as a means of currency

more details later  

In view of the parlous state of the banking system here in Britain ,
what we need is a national Bank of Britain , to carry out all the basic requirements
you could call it BOB ( the bank that never sinks )
 like the Sid character used in the gas sellout before the big bang which got us into this mess,
B.O.B could carry out this for most people and companies
Leave fairy tale banking schemes to the banks as they seem woefully inadequate to carry out the basics at the same time .
Further more in time all our ( government's , Councils, ) money could all go through B.O.B and be invested locally in British companies hospitals and transport etc , instead of being hived off to reckless investments offshore ( eg Iceland etc ) .
The infrastructure is already there in part nationalised banks and the post office ( national savings )
Anyone in reciept of our ( government's , Councils, ) money ( benefits, subsidies, wages, contracts ) would be required to recieve it via an account with B.O.B. which they could use like an old fashioned bank account or tranfer to their current account if they still trust them .
this is the end of the money making machine

Trust in BOB